Digital Terakoya @ Tsuzuki – August schedule

8/1 (Wed), 8/7 (Tue), 8/8 (Wed), 8/10 (Fri), 8/17 (Fri), 8/20 (Mon)
Location: Shairly Café, 2 minutes’ walk from Nakagawa station.

Time: 2pm – 4pm. (break included)
Maximum 5 people.
6 sessions in August. The first session is free.

Children who attended the workshop at Eda Elementary’s Kids Club are also welcome to apply.
Bring what you made with iron beads to attach small lightbulbs to it and enjoy a variety of patterns of lighting controlled by the kids computer, Ichigo Jam,
How to apply: By phone, fax or email. Please indicate which date you would choose to attend.

Application Due Date: July 27th (Friday)
Phone: 045-306-9004

The following people will be prioritized when applications exceed the maximum number.

  1. People who live close to the venue.
    We will introduce other Digital Terakoya (local ICT clubs) nearby when they become available.
    Future locations: CafeDEN, Local Care Plaza (TBD)
  2. Fifth and sixth grade school children.
    The workshops will be held in elementary schools starting in 2020. Unfortunately, current 5th and 6th graders will miss the opportunity.