What is Digital Terakoya @ Tsuzuki?

What is Digital Terakoya @ Tsuzuki?

Digital Terakoya @ Tsuzuki is a club where people in the community can learn important ICT (Information and Communication Technology) skills that help them navigate fundamental social change in an era of digital innovation. These ICT skills enable the people in the community live more creatively.
*Terakoya means “primary school” in the Edo Period (1603-1868) in Japan.

Hosts of Digital Terakoya @ Tsuzuki

Digital Terakoya, is one of the government’s experimental project (2018-2019) with subsidy under the new policy called Community ICT Club (CIC).
CIC has planned by the Information and Communications Bureau of Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Digital Terakoya @ Tsuzuki was established under the collaboration of following organizations:

  1. I Love Tsuzuki, a not-for-profit organization, which has been committed to regional development and activities in Tsuzuki ward, and a pilot program under the Regional IoT Talent Development Initiative, which was sponsored by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.
    http://webyoko.com/ilt/ (Japanese)
  2. The Broadband School Association, a not-for-profit organization, which supports distance learning, cultural exchange, and digital education for senior citizens.
    http://broadbandschool.jp/ (Japansese)
  3. Microsoft Japan supports micro:bit programming class for kids.
  4. PCN Akihabara supports IchigoJam programming & iron beads craft class for kids.
  5. ONE supports programming class for kids and foster local supporters for kids.
    http://tamiya-robotschool.com/school/detail.html?id=4 (Japanese)
  6. Arioso supports programming class for kids with disabilities. Arioso is a study school located near the Nakagawa Station and specialized for children with developmental disorders including learning disabilities.
    http://www1.tmtv.ne.jp/~ld-adhd/ (Japanese)
  7. Ikuminz, musical group of young mothers and kids, supports public relations with neighbors
    http://bwave.biz/ikumins/ (Japanese)
  8. General Association Yokohama Thing, Town, Human resource development supports the class at the creative lab “DEN”.
    http://den.yokohama/ (Japanese)
  9. Telework Center Yokohama supports the human resource management
    https://teleworkyokohama.jp/ (Japanese)

What kind of lessons do we offer?

We will host a free basic coding workshop, “the Computer Granny’s Fun and Cutesy Programming School” from August 2018 to March 2019.

“Granny’s Programming School -Trial” held at Eda Elementary School After-school Kids’ Club had five times the applications as the maximum allowed.

A scene at the Granny’s Programing School at Eda Elementary School After-school Kids Club. Four school children are enjoying making stars with fuse beads at the large table with the club instructor, Ms. Inoue, in the school library. Ms. Wakamiya, 83, and Ms. Miyoshi, 62, are in red T-shirts with computer codes, and are smiling at the children.

Who are the instructors?

  • Ms. Masako Wakamiya who is the world’s oldest programmer at 89 years old.
  • Workshop instructors from the Broadband School Association.
  • Retired engineers who worked in the information communication field and IT companies. All engineers are in their 60s or older.

The senior programmers gathered at HANA Dojo in Sabae city at a programing workshop by Mr. Taisuke Fukuno, who developed a computer called Ichigo Jam. Front: Center, the teacher Mr. Fukuno, Left, Ms. Miyoshi, and Right, Ms. Wakamiya. Back: Right, Mr. Makie from the city of Sabae, and Left, Mr. Tanigawa, a programmer.

We welcome not only seniors but also parents, middle school, high school, and college students, and working adults. Let’s foster local ICT talents, learn ICT skills, and promote ICT ethics in the community together!
Digital Terakoya @ Tsuzuki is committed to the development of an active and friendly community where everybody in Tsuzuki ward can be successful at learning ICT (Information and Communication Techonology).

Are there any fees?

All workshops and events are free during the government funded trial period. In each local ICT club, there is a maximum number of participants we accept.
We are looking for 30 participants at Shairly Cafe. We are in the process of arranging other locations for future workshops.

We are looking for local ICT club members

If you are interested in becoming a member after attending our workshops, please apply with your parents. You don’t need to be a member to attend the workshops.

The duration of the membership is six months. We accept around 30 members. There are no penalties for canceling membership. Please let us know if you would like to extend your membership after six months. This club is a pilot program which will be tested and studied to establish future clubs in local communities.

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